A little oxy… A little angry

Nicholas had a good day. I took him to the RIAO to get a new cast since the current removable cast would not fit quite right. Well we left empty handed because based on today’s films Dr.S said he does not need one. He’s still only doing toe touch weight bearing and thanks to the fancy walker with the platform on it that’s going well.

I do not want to jinx it but Nick may have really turned a corner here. His spirits were up and mood swings gone. It took me a little time to realize the improvement was likely a result of being off pain medication! Roxicet did not make Nick angry or sad really but oxycodone does! One afternoon he told me “Mom I hear that my voice is sounding angry but I don’t know why and I can’t stop it”.

It’s a shame that roxicet is being phased out due to the abuses and overdoses of tylenol. It’s worked so well for Nick. I felt like the benefits of giving him it always out weighed the negatives but with the oxycodone it’s different because being pain free but unhappy is a tough trade.

Right now I am thankful Nick is pain free and able to move around without me worrying to death. I had a little scare at the RIAO today. After Nick’s xrays were done we went back to the spacious and boring waiting area (at least that’s what Nick thinks of it) and then we were sent to room 3A. But I assumed we would be going to the cast room since we were there for a cast. I totally panicked! I figured they must have put us there because Nick couldn’t get a cast because something was wrong. I thought we were just sitting waiting for bad news.

Thankfully Ann, Dr.Standards administrative assistant, was walking by and looked in and asked if we needed anything. I think she might have noticed my crazy panicked but trying to appear calm look going on. I shared my fears with her in the hall so Nick would not hear and she dispelled them or she tried to. Of course I thought it’s possible it is bad and she just hasn’t heard yet. Still I tried to believe her and thankfully Nick kept me busy while we waited.

We had some serious laughs creating some comedy skits based on surgery and bone stuff. Nicks favorite was one in which I was the doctor and he was my patient in the OR ready for surgery. I ask the nurse for the scalpel, begin to cut, and he bolts up wide eyed and I knock him over the head with a frying pan. The skit closes with me asking for the bone saw and you hear the sound of the saw as I begin “surgery”. I thought this was pretty creative on Nicks part. He has such a great sense of humor and imagination.

I guess the best part of it all was Nick just being Nick. Things are still going to be tricky for a while. I know its still hard for him. Plus we’ll be limited in want we can do but I am again feeling like we can make the most of it. We had a great family Bay-blade tournament today and will likely have one tomorrow. We had some fun with photoshop, drank some Snapple (I introduced Nick to Snapple while he was still in the hospital and he loved it), but most importantly we laughed! Laughter may or many not be the best medicine but a medicine that keeps you from laughing (as the oxy does to Nicholas) is the worst medicine of all.

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