A Regular Kid Break

Nick did something sort of normal yesterday. He broke his arm. He slipped and landed on his hand just right. This could be a long post but I am going to try to be brief. Poor kid broke it well enough to need to be sedated to have it fixed. He handled it all so well the doc’s and nurses were complimenting him left and right. No surprise really. When they cut the cast open (in case of swelling) he was not scared of the cast saw. He told the doctor it was all familiar to him and when the doc said he was the best kid he’d had Nick said “Thanks for the compliment”. Oh my sweet boy was brave and sweet ofcourse. He even thanked me for being there with him! As if I could ever be anywhere else!

I was as calm as I could possibly be and today I am exhausted. It takes a lot of energy to keep it together when you want to scream. My boy just got his fixator off June 22nd. To have a flipping cast right now is awful. I am praying for a waterproof cast when this one comes off. Nick needs to swim and enjoy summer so badly. He had been having a great day at camp and playing with his new pal Conner. Really things were looking up. Nick was being a regular kid and I guess that’s how he did a regular kid thing and broke his arm. I am grateful that he has friends and is having fun. But really I would have rather he have a regular summer break than a regular arm break!

I so wish it hadn’t happened. I wish I could take this away and let him have the rest of his summer fee. I am getting my sad out here so when Nick wakes up from his long nap I am happy cheerleader mom again! This just stinks! I know it could be worse and I know it’s not the end of the world but it stinks! Well it sucks really! We brought that word back in the ER last night. This SUCKS! At least when I said it Nicholas smiled.

PS we are going to Baltimore tomorrow so Dr. Standard can check it out. Nick broke both bones and is still in pain and really I think I will finally be able to exhale when Dr. S says its all ok.

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  1. Ugh, my hubby did that playing baseball when my oldest was six months old… NO fun and both broken means a full arm cast :S Hang tough there, super mama!


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