Red Pin Sites Tonight

I am thinking it’s because we’re using a different brand of antibacterial soap. Nicks been on antibiotics for what seems like a long time now. Once pin site infection seemed to start on the tail end of another. Those have improved although he has a wire that is a problem. At least it looks that way. It’s on the top and the top wires do tend to be the most problematic.

At the moment I think everything is fine and just off looking. Tomorrow I’ll be taking Nick to pick up the insert for his shoe. His foot had been bothering him to the point that he was still hopping and in the last few days he’s been walking more with it only hurting a little. If this insert does not take this pain away completely I don’t know what we can do. Pain when walking was one of the reasons this surgery came sooner than we’d planned. I haven’t even asked Dr. Standard what would be next.

Overall Nicks mood has been good and we’re in that familiar rhythm of fixator life. I’ve been trying to do leg wash during the afternoon when the baby naps since it’s easier and then if something is wrong I’m not calling the on call doc at 9pm. Speaking to Allison Dr. Standards PA is so much easier. She knows Nicholas and she knows what’s important to ask. On call docs probably have a protocol but it ends up being a much longer call then necessary sometimes. Sometimes I have no clue who they are! It’s funny when the person I am talking to does not know Nick at all. I always figure they’re new cause he’s a rock star at Sinai…. Hahahaha! Kidding. Sort of!

Family life is still a bit of a roller coaster with Steven being in Delaware more and more. We’ve got an offer in on a house but no word yet. We’ve already gone back and forth a bit so I am really hoping this is the end. We found an amazing area and I guess part of me wants to move on. I hate living in limbo and I much prefer to live with my husband full time. Four kids and one fixator and one parent is hard. I know there are single moms out there who do this all the time and my hats off to you and my heart goes out to you.

Hopefully the red pin sites look better in the morning. There was not any pain and not any drainage so redness alone is not a huge red flag. We’re just ready for this to be done. Nick is very ready. My boy is tough and patient but he needs a break!