It’s super quick! Britney and Gracee need your help. A two second vote will do it!

please vote now!

If you didn’t vote yet, please read Britney and Gracee’s story! I know you’ll vote after you do! Britney needs this van to continue to do everyday things with her daughter. How many of us take the every day for granted? Next time you’re frustrated by your wiggling child as you try to buckle them in their carseat, think and realize how blessed you are! I do not know Britney but I can tell just reading what her mother posted, that she feels blessed too.

“My daughter Britney Sadler is my hero. Her daughter Gracee, has a muscle diease called S.M.A., which there is no cure. The doctors told britney that gracee wouldnt make it to see the age of 2, and she is now 5! Gracee is beating the odds because of her mom. Britney is why gracee is so happy and britney is gracee’s 24/7 mom and her 24/7 cargiver. Gracee living with this disability, has made britney the caregiver and person that she is today. Gracee can’t swallow, eat, sit up, cough, spit and she is bipap dependant beacause she can’t breath on her own amoung many other problems as it affects every muscle of her body. Gracee is getting ready to get trached in st. louis for better breathing.Gracee is transported in a cart in which she lyes down and the bottom of the cart holds a few machines and batteries to help her live. she is heavy to push and manuver but gracee gets to go and do because of britney. britney has to pick her up and put her in the bath because she has no lift in the house to assist in that area. also, they have an older van and we had a ramp made to ge gracee in and out of the van. However, gracee is growing and had to get a bigger cart snd now it’s very hard to get her in the van as her wheels on her cart keep hitting the sides of the ramp, so it takes a few times of pushing and pulling to get gracee in the van. BRITNEY does whatever it takes to get gracee out to school and other places so that gracee can lead as full life as she possibly can. Britney is an amazing mom and everyone always tells her how wonderful she is. Britney has totally put her life on hold to care for gracee. She doesnt get to do all the things a 24 year old girl gets to do. Britney gets left out alot because she cares for gracee but she never complains. But she would’nt have it any other way! For this and much more, I would like to nominate Britney and her family for a new van. It would be a miracle and blessing to be able to make life alot more simpler for her and this struggling family. Thank you”