Leg Watch is Winding Down!

Thank goodness! Nicks leg is looking altogether awesome again! After my last post that it was getting better it started to look redder again and I was so nervous. I talked to Allison from the RIAO and she reminded me to keep Nick’s leg elevated. This helped! She thought we could watch some more but said if it wasn’t getting better we ought to just call her and let her know and head down to Baltimore the next morning. That would have been Thursday and that moring Nick’s leg looked a whole lot better. There was still redness around two pin sites and beyond them really but it was not a whole hot-red leg!

I haven’t talked to Allison since Thursday. That’s the true marker of things being well. Her calls really helped me know that things would be ok. Cellulitis really is common and infection as a complication of leg lengthening is common but goodness when it’s your kids leg turing red, hot, swollen and shiny it does not feel common. Nick was so tired of me being on “leg watch” and “temperature patrol”. Really I would not even put a cover on his leg because I wanted to be able to see it easily and constantly.

All in all it made for a stressful week! I volunteered in Christopher’s class on Thursday and I had planned on asking if Nick could come with me. That plan was out for many reasons. One being that when Steven went to Wilmington for work he took the wheelchair and walker with him! This pretty much meant I could not take Nick anywhere. I had to figure out how to get Charlotte and Christopher to and from school. These little daily things can feel like big stresses under the circumstances. Thankfully between, Tara (sis-in-law), Diane (mom-in-law) and Beth and the McGovern’s it all got done!

Charlotte herself has been such a trooper in all this. She is the only kid in school all day and then it feels like we’re passing her around at times. The other day she said “Sad days seem to go on and on but happy days go by fast”. It’s so true but it made me sad to think she has enough sad days to realize this. She does worry about Nick and always wants to help him! Chris too, he likes to hold the flash light for me when I need it for pin care (this house has very poor lighting). Even Bess was so excited when Nicks’s foot was freed! She loves to touch his “toe-toes” and when I was on leg watch she would come with me to check Nick’s “ator” or fixator. All four kids are so loving toward each other! There is nothing that makes me happier than to witness it.

Nick is still not weight bearing. Dr. Standard wants him to try a little each day and generally he is allowed to, but he does not feel ready. With the infection this week we’ve not worked too hard to encourage him. Next week we’ll try harder. He can’t go back to school till he is stepping some. He’s gotten so comfortable having school at home with his teacher, Miss Spurr (his actual classroom teacher). She is such a wonderful teacher and person! This year has been so much easier on Nick because of her. I never thought he would be out of school for so long and yet he’s doing great. He really enjoys her company. So often I hear them laughing or I overhear Nick giving an answer to something and I marvel at how bright he is! Miss Spurr is a marvel too! Every child deserves the kind of teacher she is. Our family has loved having her around. We threw her a very little surprise party (just ice cream cake, some tiny gifts and the kids yelling surprise) for her birthday a few weeks ago and all the kids were so excited!

Miss Spurr reminds me of all the people that have come into our lives when we needed them. There are also those who have been supporting us from day one (like our fabulous family and friends). I have so much gratitude to so many and so much admiration for the Miss Spurr’s and Dr. Standards’s and nurse Lee’s of the world who can do such meaningful work so brilliantly! We’re so lucky to have them in our lives!

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