The Good, the Great and the Ugly

Wish I had updated sooner. Now there’s much to remember! First off the “Good”… Nicks ninth surgery went well. Nick was happy to have the troublesome pin out and overjoyed that his foot was free. He woke up calm and was so very happy to grab hold of his foot. He asked me to massage it quite a bit and was not in pain after surgery. Unfortunately in the evening his blood pressure was high. The nurse said he had probably gone too long without pain meds and that could be the reason. After a dose or two of roxicet it went down but it was a scary couple of hours for me! We stayed overnight so Nick could get iv antibiotics as a precaution. Having new pins put in is different than just getting parts off.

It was interesting staying in the new children’s hospital. The room really did feel spacious and despite the fact that I had two comfortable new sleep options I ended up in bed with Nick at his request. He’s a pretty cozy guy himself so it was ok. I was so worried about his blood pressure I’d have done anything to make him happy and keep him calm!

We had some familiar nurses and some new faces for us. Either way everyone was kind and very apologetic for the blips here and there when they couldn’t find things or had to go back and forth. I think it went amazingly smoothly considering how new the hospital is. It was the first shift there for some folks.

Nick had the playroom to himself again and we had fun playing wii (he even set it up). Later we played another game system in his room that I can’t remember the name of and watched a Pokemon movie. Nick wanted to stay another night! Nothing like a big flat screen, cable, video games and movies!

Since we’ve been home things have gone well. Nicks not weight bearing yet but he’s getting there which brings me to the “Great”… Nick had a great appointment with Dr. Standard yesterday. I was worried about Nick not weight bearing but Dr. S pointed out that his foot is functioning very differently now. It makes sense that it hurts to put weight on a part of his foot that didn’t really function that way before this surgery. Nicks ankle also isn’t mobil at all but Dr. S said it is normal and could be several weeks till that improves. All of this was a big relief! Then Dr. S said he thinks Nicks legs are even! We won’t know for sure till he’s standing better but even if his legs are not exactly equal, the fact that they even look to be equal is awesome! His leg does look so long! It’s great! I need to post some before and after pics! Just seeing how happy Dr. S was with Nicks leg made me happy and Nick’s grandma too (we had a really full day out in Maryland the three of us).

And now for the “Ugly” we noticed a red patch on Nick’s leg. It didn’t hurt and Dr.Standard looked at it but at that point it was unremarkable. This morning it was ugly, swollen, redder, hot,a little itchy and spreading! We started Nick on antibiotics and got in touch with the RIAO. I had never seen an infection like this. It’s cellulitis. Most likely not a big deal. We’re watching closely (I drew little dots around it to tell if it spreads) and if it does not stop spreading by eight tonight or improve some by tomorrow morning we’ll be calling back. Allison, Dr.Standards PA, said she would call tomorrow anyway. I’ve probably written this before but I do think she’s great. She has a nice calm tone, answers my questions and leaves me feeling like I know what I’m doing which at this point is watching and trying not to freak out but really it is ugly! The swelling looks painful but Nick says he’s not in pain and he has no fever.

If the antibiotics kick this infection I think we’ll go back to being great! Yesterday we got to meet two beautiful new born baby girls! We got to chat with some RIAO friends. We didn’t wait terribly long despite the fact that we showed up at 2pm apologizing for being late for our 1pm appointment only to find out our appointment was actually at 11:15am! Oh my goodness I was embarrassed. It shows how out of sorts I have been to make that kind of mistake. I have been really tired, not sleeping great, not eating well, not exercising (which I never did much of anyway but I’m thinking I need to). I feel sluggish and stressed but I think surgery, Steven’s new job and the whole moving thing are reason enough to feel this way. I just have to do something about it. At the moment that something will be getting the kids ready for bed, getting myself a glass of wine and later on watching the season premier of Mad Men! Here’s hoping the kids and Nick’s infection cooperate with my plan!

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  1. Good luck with your plan, sounds good to me! Fingers crossed the infection calms down and you both can get some rest 🙂


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