Our work begins!

After Nick’s surgery I said to Dr. Standard “you did your part now we have to do ours”. He said ours was the hard part, though I am sure his part was not all easy even though he said everything went great.

We’ve been home since Saturday and I’ve put some updates on Facebook but I’ve not had lots of time for writing. Nick is sleeping in this morning and Chris and Charlotte are at school so I am going to write what I can. I want to recap some of the hospital stuff. Overall it really went great.

The only real bump in the road was Nick having a fever. On the afternoon of the day after surgery I thought Nick felt hot. I told the nurse that I thought we should take his temperature and she sid she just did and he was fine. I let it go. Nick also seemed s little lethargic or just “blah”. That one is hard to explain to hospital staff considering it was the day after survey I think they would have thought I had unrealistic expectations of my boy. To them he was doing great!

Next set of vitals his temp was 99. something and by 8:00ish it was 101. something. The nurse said she would come in again in an hour. I wasn’t loving this plan. She didn’t tell me that she was paging Dr. Standard’s PA. I had set up myself to go on the perthes web chat with Dr. Standard. Nick was mostly sleeping or watching cartoons by that time and I thought I could help out. As the chat began I grew more worried about the fever. I figured I would wait my turn and ask Dr. Standard about it. Luckily he jumped in and asked how Nick was doing! When I told him about the fever he said to tell the nurse to give him motrin (not usually used after this kind of surgery) and tell the nurse that if it was not ordered already to call his cell phone. Nick’s nurse came in with tylenol because she had in fact talked to the PA and I gave her the info from Dr.Standard. I explained that I was on a live web chat with him and she went from confused to amused. She was kind about the whole thing and actually all the nurses were kind overall! Nick got his motrin and I stayed on the chat for a while.

When it was my actual turn I asked Dr.Standard if we could go home after discharge. PT and the PA said we should stay. Apparently some people say they will do physical therapy at home and do not. They didn’t really understand that this is what we have successfully done for the last two lengthening’s! Of course Dr. Standard said we could go and do things as we had done in the past. What a relief. We were all missing Charlotte, Chris and Bess and I really didn’t want have to get Nick all settled at Hackeman-Patz across the street for a week just to do three hours of therapy. The cost alone of the stay and the therapy together would have been too much. Our insurance like a lot of insurance does not pay for much therapy!

So we’re home doing the best we can. I have more hospital stories to share but I’m going to get ready to pick up Chris from preschool. He did not want to go! He’s been so happy to have Nicholas home. It is a joy to see the kids together again. As I have said befoe none of this is easy but we’re together and we’re all ok. Nick just woke up. Another day begins!