Surgery down, 4 days in hospital and 6 months in fixator to go

Nicholas’s surgery went great! Longer than expected but that’s always the case and there was a lot of scar tissue for Dr.Standard to contend with. Nicks fixator is interesting although we can’t see it too well because there is a sock of sorts on it! Nicholas asked to see it as soon as he realized it was actually there. For a couple hours after the surgery he was in-between asleep and awake and did not realize the fixator was even on. Luckily the epidural is obviously working and the only bad side effect has been some itchiness but benadryl helped with that. Unfortunately it burned going into his iv.

There were a few other concerns in recovery. Nick was pretty pale and his left leg seemed swollen when we first saw him. He also woke up with pain in his elbow. They believe it was from the position they had him in during surgery or really just being in the same position for a longtime. Some pain meds helped and we’ve been encouraging him to bend and flex gently. We also noticed that his temperature was a little high (fine now) and he wasn’t making enough pee. I think he’s on track with the pee and his lips are back to pink! He really was looking pasty! There seems to me to be a lot of blood coming out of his drain but no one else is worried. Of course these things have had meworried but I’m staying calm and letting the nurses and docs do their thing. All seems to be well enough.

We’ve got a private room for now and hoping it will stay this way! You never know, they could move us! I am so relieved that Nicholas is feeling ok but now I am so very tired. All that adrenaline is gone I guess. Nick’s night nurse Jen seems to be great so here’s hoping for a peaceful and restful night. All the thoughts, prayers, good wishes and general cheer have been much appreciated! I haven’t gotten to read all of them to Nick yet but I will. There will be plenty of time tomorrow! Maybe tomorrow I’ll have the time and energy to explain Nick’s 12 strut fixator! We’ll be doing a lot of turns!

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