Leg Lengthening 3.0 is in progress

Nicks in surgery. He was calm when he went under. We spent our time in the OR discussing the pokemon battle we’ll have after surgery. He’s got a great team with some familiar faces aside from Dr. Standard! Nurse Harriet is one of my favorites! She is so kind and comforting. I guess that’s what happens when you’re at surgery number 8. Dr. S said 4 hours. We won’t worry if it’s a little longer. We’ve got a class now to refamiliarize ourselves with fixator care. We’re just waiting for a few other families to start.

There’s a new fellow who started today and I let him know how lucky he is to get to start with Dr. Standards best patient! Nicholas is amazing. I can’t wait to see him again!

There was some confusion regarding a possible procedure on Nick’s left leg. Someone made w crazy mistake and must have written left instead of right. Nurse Harriet said not to worry and I said I wouldn’t as long as Dr. Standard was in there I knew Nick would get the right surgery! Someone also mentioned Nick having had transfusions in the past. I know he has never had a blood transfusion so I was concerned to say the least. A little investigating led us to an explanation. Apparently some of the “stuff” they put in his knee and such is in the same category as a transfusion. A donated ligament is still a foreign body. It was just another strange thing to have to figure out this morning. Nicholas by that point had had his “happy juice” and was zoning out watching Sponge Bob so he was not concerned!

I feel a little like I am playing the part of the calm mommy today. I never thought of it as acting but really knowing my boy is in surgery puts my stomach in knots. Still I sit and type and sip coffee as if it is the most natural thing. I make sure the cell phone is on. Make sure Steven is ok. Steven is very gracious on surgery days and always really. But on surgery days he let’s me go in the OR to stay with Nick till he goes under. I always go. I would be devastated not to. I know it’s hard for Steven to watch us roll away! I get to ride on the bed with Nicholas while wearing my cool blue suit. Head to toe blue. I hate that I have to wear a mask. I worry that my eyes will give away my fears.

Once Nick was asleep I kissed him on the forehead and told him I love him. I managed to save my tears for the walk back to the waiting area. It is sweet when the nurses tell me how great I did and they thank me, always. I love being able to keep Nick calm and I am so grateful to have a husband I can truly be part of a team with. We’ve each got our strengths. He’s also like a pack mule and able to carry several over stuffed bags and not complain!

There’s a great poster in the clinic waiting area where we were waiting for nurse Lee. It’s about the RIAO and features a patient labeled “K”. There are photos from K’s childhood and a final photo of K standing next to Dr. Standard, at least a few inches taller than Dr. Standard. The poster says K is soon to be off to college and living a full and active life. I get to see someone else’s light at the end of the tunnel and what a bright light it is!

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  1. Best of luck! Dr. H. just put my son’s first fixator on last Tuesday. It’s been “interesting” but so far not as bad as some other surgeries we’ve dealt with… hope your son does well!


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