T’was the night before surgery

We’re at Hackerman-Patz! Nick and Steven have been in the play room and I have been alone for about 20 minutes! Reading all the good wishes for Nick and our family on facebook really warms my heart. Another really sweet thing was watching Nicholas say goodby to Charlotte, Christophe and Bess! They love each other so much!! I could cry again just thinking about it. I miss my other kiddies. It’s odd to miss them even though we’ve not been gone long but it’s the emotional nature of this trip and the fact that I know it will be at least 4 or 5 days till I see them. I know Nick will miss them too! He’s such a great big brother.

For a few days my big boy will be the baby. Having a child in a fixator is like having a new born. Waking in the night for meds, watching them constantly just to be suree they are ok. Plus I will just be with him every moment I can. I will hold him as much as I can and do my best to keep him as comfortable as possible. To say I am his advocate would be an understatement! I will do anything for him!

Oddly enough I think we are in the same room we had for Nicholas’s first lengthening. Back then we bathed him in the sink! It is a lifetime ago but feels like yesterday in some ways. He is the same sweet boy but I am not the same scared mommy though some fears remain.

Nicholas has had a good day and thats all that matters right now! He can’t eat after midnight so we’ll let him stay up a while more, take a shower and have a banana if he wants. 6:30 we go to Sinai, for surgery around 8:00-8:30. If my memory is rigth Dr. Standard arrives after he drops his kids off at school. I am sure Nick will be asking him what pokemon cards his sons have as soon as we see him. We’ve got Nick’s cards and he and I had one battle already and even though we tied Nicholas was thrilled. It does not take a lot to make my boy happy! Here’s hoping we’ll be having pokemon battles this time tomorrow!