Wheelin and dealin

Oh my Nicholas, sweet, handsome, smart, savvy Nicholas. He’s totally bargaining for things and privileges for after he has surgery. I had made the mistake of telling him we would get him one pack of Pokemon cards for each day in the hospital. It’s likely only 4 days. That’s not extravagant really but if you want to donate a pack to the cause it would certainly be appreciated : )

So my offer has created this wheeling and dealing. He’s trying to work in some Beyblades. He’s thinking about videos and strategically based televisions and a private wii! In other words he’s working it. Can’t blame him. It’s a long road and he’s making the most of it like only an eight year old can.

I suppose I have my ways of making the most of it too. I had my second round of interviews for my potential new found career as a Patient and Family-Centered Care Coordinator. It’s a dream job in terms of making the most of my experience as Nick’s mom and using my experience to help others. It’s also as if my Psych degree, my volunteer experiences, my very nature has led me to this moment. But without Nick this career would not exist for me.

And then there’s the reality of going from at-home-mom to working mom. I have to admit to my own wheeling and dealing. If I do infact get this job, I get to have a long term at-home-husband. I get to be the breadwinner and he’ll be the bread maker. Ok maybe he won’t be baking bread but I wouldn’t put anything past him. He’s already started cooking more and he’s done great! He’s always been better at housework than me and I’ve always hated to admit it! Though anyone who really knows me, knows already!

There’s a lot of judgment out there for women who don’t do it all! While all the other moms complain about mounds of laundry I hide my head, not in shame but I hide nonetheless. Steven has almost always done the laundry. We’ve always shared household responsibilities. That’s just how we’ve worked out our world. Now with Nick being an over 80lb 8 year old, Steven will be the better parent to be home for this surgery adventure. He’ll get to do the Baltimore runs and have sushi at the Sinai cafeteria. The’ll get some bonding time and Nicholas will have the support he needs. Including the physical support cause he needs someone who can actually lift him!

So if I’m the working parent does that mean I have to do the laundry… Ah well any way this deal works out I win! Steven is the best dad and husband! I don’t write that enough so I’ll write it again: Steven is the best dad and husband and Nick’s going to have what he needs. No wheelin or dealin necessary.

3 thoughts on “Wheelin and dealin”

  1. Jen it’s not that you’re bad at housework. It’s a Curley brother thing, they are just inordinately good at it!! At least that’s what I tell myself LOL


  2. 1st: Your blog is very helpful. Thank you for doing it and good luck with the upcoming proceedure. My then 9 yrd old daughter will have her one and only lengthening in May of 2012.
    2nd: I have been the breadwinner since I had my 1st daughter and my hubby is the breadmaker. It takes some adjustment, I think more on the men but it sounds like your hubby is a natural candidtate. It will be fine and sounds like meant to be…


  3. Thanks for this blog, I have been looking up info on living with a fixator, as we just visited Dr. H at RIAO/Sinai and found out it’s time for our lengthening surgery to be scheduled. My son doesn’t have FH, but another cause, but it’s still great to know what I can expect when we try and schedule the surgery for February 🙂 He does love to get sushi at the cafeteria when we go and visit though, I had to laugh out loud at that bit… Best of luck with the job!


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