The joys of the shuttle bus!

Last week I took Nick to Geisinger to get fitted for his shoe insert. Normally we get orthotics in Maryland but I figured we might need to go back and forth to get adjustments so why drive at least two hours each way to do so. Plus Geisinger has a great orthotics team. The gentleman who helped us was great. He really took the time to think about how to make an insert that would actually work. Sounds like common sense I know but still, he really seemed to do a lot of thinking. He was also great with Nichols.

Geisinger Medical Center is huge! I’ve been to various buildings for various reasons and often considered my walk to and from the parking lot enough exercise to actually say I exercised! Nick was using the walker when we went so I thought at first to use the valet but he did not want to. The shuttle bus was a necessity for us but it was also wonderful! Nicholas loved it! The bus driver seemed to love his loving it and so did I! On the way back to the car we managed to get the same driver!

The bus began to fill up quickly and a man sat down behind Nick and started talking to the person next to him about how he had part of his left foot removed due to infections (he’s diabetic) and now great he has felt since. Nick turned around as soon as he heard that! He started trying to tell him about his Fibular Hemimelia but he was so surprised he was having trouble finding the words. I helped a bit and soon several of us on the bus were chatting and Nick and this kind man were talking about what they have in common. Then he told us a story his mother told him about wanting new shoes so badly as a child till she saw a man with no feet. Moms get to use proverbs and fables as they like! Clearly her parenting was effective. This man was so joyous despite his own trials and despite the fact that he was visiting his mother in the hospital because she was having part of her leg removed.

These moments give us all perspective. Nick chatting with this man about their differences made me feel so much joy. I hate that he is having pain right now but I am so proud of who he is! Nicholas is so kind and social and open. He’s secure in who he is. He’s also only eight! But this really is what I hoped for more than anything as a parent, to raise him in such a way that when it was time for him to be out in the world he would feel secure.

Nick’s teacher wrote to me about his day today and mentioned the fact that he has an awesome attitude about all of this. He really does not complain. He does not whine (at least not about his foot). Oh maybe I need to stop going on and on about my boys awesomeness… I do a lot of that here don’t I?