When nothing is certain…

Everything is possible! Yes that’s where we’re at right now! Everything feels possible. Nicholas may, it’s a long shot, but he may have the opportunity to audition for a movie in which he would play a child with… Fibular Hemimelia! Imagine that! He’s nervous about having stage fright and really unsure but I think if he gets the audition he will go. I won’t force him though. It’s only about a week of work but it could possibly pay for his braces! I’ve put off those appointments till after the new year. Right now there’s just no way we could swing it, not knowing what the job situation will be. But there are possibilities brewing in that area!

I had my interviews this week for the ‘not just a dream job’. It’s more than a job. It’s a career tailor made for me. On my way to my first interview I ran into Nick’s physical therapist from his last lengthening and a friend from church. Getting to chat and receive some good wishes from two awesomely caring women who work at the hospital was a great way to start the day. It also reminded me of how much I want this. I would be part of their team!

This career would require a serious lifestyle change(from at home Mom to full time working Mom) but to be able to do meaningful work every day would be worth it. On my first day of interviews the kids all came to me to wish me luck and give me hugs. Ok Bess didn’t but if she was a little more verbal she might have! I am so hopeful. It would be an amazing opportunity with the possibility of helping children and families on a huge scale as well as individually. There’s nothing better than that! Oh the possibilities!

One more thing! We will have instructions on adaptive clothing and fixator covers soon. I finally realized I should ask someone who sews to write them! I’ve asked a really talented and kind Mom from the FH Facebook Group. I am sure it helps that she has a daughter with FH. She knows exactly what we all need!

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