Chats, blogs and support groups oh my!

There is nothing that adds more joy to my life than my family but sometimes a good web chat can be pretty great. Helping on the chat is fun. I do take it seriously if I am in charge of the line or order in which people ask questions. Last night chat was sort of festive. It was both social and informative. It included people from as near to me as my own state of PA and as far as the Middle East. Folks on chat don’t always get the answers that they are looking for since a web chat it so not the same as a clinic visit. Still I think most parents new to the world of limb differences leave the chat feeling less alone and even with a little hope.

The best chats, at least for me personally, are the ones at which someone mentions how much this blog or the Facebook FH group helped them. That is an amazing feeling. Knowing to an extent what folks are going through and at the same time knowing I helped them in anyway is awesomely fulfilling. It gives me a great sense of purpose! It makes something good come out of what Nicholas has had to go through.

Frankly I do think that just living is a pretty great purpose. Just the fact that I’m sitting here, baby at my feet, preschooler off playing, two kids in school, coffee next to me, husband working in his cave of an office below, it feels like a good life with plenty of purpose!

Our recent employment shake up has created a whole new set of possibilities for us. A friend gave me a special little something and on the back it says “when nothing is certain anything is possible”. At the moment that feels true.

A few weeks ago I posted some info on Facebook about a chat I would be atteding that night and a friend commented ‘this is the work you should be doing’ or something to that effect. It was like a little light bulb moment. I thought ofcourse this is work I should be doing, its work I am doing but I am a volunteer.

Fast forward a few days and I find a job posted that is in fact doing this kind of work. It felt like fate. Like a message. Like a dream.

Next week I have four interviews for a job, or really a career. I would be using my experience as a parent of a child with FH, my passion for supporting others (like chats, blogs and support groups) my psych degree, my volunteer experience and even my desk top publishing a bit too, all for a position in which I would help patients and families, help others help them, help them help each other and themselves. It’s Patient and Family Centered Care.

Now I know the job is not mine yet. I might not even get the job but I do feel good knowing there’s this possibility out there. Having Nicholas changed my life as becoming a parent does for everyone blessed enough to get to do it but it’s more than that. I think having Nichols born with FH has given me the opportunity to really grow as a person and become more of myself.

I know I’m not the only person whose read countless books and articles on career paths and choices but today I feel like Dorothy (I know how cheesy and cliché this sounds) but I do feel like Dorothy who had the ruby slippers all along. I’m meant to do what I’m doing and loving. I’m meant to use my life and talents and who I am to help others. It’s not all easy. It is even a little scary but its who I am. Isn’t that what we’re all meant to do? Ok it’s what Oprah says and while not everyone loves her like I do, I do think she’s on to something. Live your best life! Who can argue with that motto. I’m on my way! How about you?