1 beautiful day, 1 happy family, 1 super boy and $1,381 raised to save limbs!

Ok there was more than one super boy present at the 6th Annual Save-A-Limb Ride/Walk/Carnival but the super boy I mention is of course our very own Nicholas. Nicholas, Steven, Bess and I did the one mile family walk in which Nicholas did some running. Nicholas running is nothing new but Nicholas running at Save-A-Limb felt special. I was glad other families of little ones with limb differences could see him. Dr. Standard pointed out that Nick is one of the older kids in terms of treatment. That surprised me. Where have I been? Of course he’s one of the older kids. He’s had 2 lengthening and ankle reconstructions, an eight plate, knee reconstruction… Ya he has been there and done that just bit.

It was a beautiful day! The carnival was as fun as always. I got the chance to talk to nurse Lee who is in my mind a great part of the heart of the RIAO. She takes scared parents and introduces them to crazy fixators and somehow we learn what we need to do. She also plans the web chats which I think are life changing for so many. Lee is there for families and she’s fun lady.

Nicholas’s Aunt Tara not only fundraised she did the six mile ride. Even without her participation she has been one if Nicholas’s most tireless supporters. She’s done a lot for us during surgeries, always been there when we needed her and she’s got a great big heart!

Grandma and Grandpa Curley came too and took Charlotte and Chris to the playground when they decided right before the walk that they did not want to do it after all. That worked out great since making them do it could have proved un-fun for all of us! It was great to have the. There too. One year Diane (grandma) went with me and the kids (only 2 then). Steven was away. Most road trips I go on with her have some element of adventure to them and I am thinking that one was no different but I can’t remember it too well. I think it was 5 years ago!

In addition to great company there was great food. There always is. Chick-Fil-A was a new addition this year, they even had their cow mascot there. Oh and Batman was present along with Batgirl and the Batmobile. Nicholas loved the Batmobile!

Nick’s favorite part was the petting zoo which included a “dragon”. I petted a very large rabbit which was so soft, Steven said he understood why people made coats out of them. Not that he would ever have any interest in that!

For me aside from Nick running, my favorite part was talking to other moms, answering questions, and just being there to celebrate the kids of the RIAO!

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