New Challenges (not for Nick – he’s great)

A few weeks ago Steven’s job security began to come into question. His company is contracted with other companies which are directly linked to the government. Need I say more?

We decided it was time for me to reenter the work force. We believed that even if my husband kept his job, this economy is just to volatile to be totally dependent on one income. The possibility of no income is too much to stomach.

Now it has come to pass that Steven’s job will be ending. We have a few months to get jobs but it does not feel like much time. With four children there is just no way to avoid this stress. I know we’re not much different than other folks faced with these circumstances. We’re not a unique story in this economy. Yet there is an added pressure with regard to health insurance because… I’m sure if your reading this you already know. Fibular Hemimelia.

Finding benefits that will let us take Nicholas to Dr. Standard is hugely important. I’ve been told about the CHIP program in PA for uninsured kids but I have to find out if they will cover Sinai. Many state plans will not let you go out of state! I’m hoping that next year we won’t have to fundraise for Nicks surgeries instead of save a limb! I will do anything I have to so that he can keep seeing Dr. Standard but first and foremost is finding a job with benefits!

Maybe I’m over focused on Nicholas. Maybe there are bigger financial questions but right now it’s where I’m at. It’s my greatest fear. We made choices so that I could be a stay at home mom and be there for him for his surgeries and so we could get Nick to Baltimore and I guess it is a sad reality that some choices get taken away.

I know I’ve been so fortunate to be able to stay home with my kids for the last six years! I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I also know that there are options for childcare around here and as long as the kids are well cared for I could really like working. It has been a while but being president of the board of directors of church and trying to be there for ‘fibula families’ and volunteering with the dying have all helped me remember that there are many things I am good at and like to do. I am lucky to have had opportunities to be active in my community and gotten to meet great people doing great things and getting paid for it. Now I just need to be one of them!

If Fibular Hemimlia has taught me anything it’s that Steven and I are a great team! We have the same goal, to do what is best for our family. This has always been our goal. When we had Nicholas and had to make choices that would change the course of his life we tried to do what was best for him. Now we have four little people to consider.

Many people have offered to help already. While there’s not much anyone else can do, the offer, the kindness matters so much. When someone says I’m here for you and means it, wether offering their bottom floor to live on or top of their shoulder to lean on. Because of you I know we’re not alone.

When Nicholas was born I felt very alone. No one around me had a clue what we were facing. We didn’t even know what we were facing. I guess that feeling is similar to this one. Not knowing what’s to come is hard but at least this time I know we are not alone. I hope any parents reading this, holding your baby and wondering what will be, know that you are not alone either. There is so much support now compared to 8 years ago.

The challenges our family is now facing may give me something more to share. Navigating insurance and paying for Nick’s surgeries has never been an issue for us before. I hope I can share this new experience so some good can come of this stressful situation. Ok more than anything I hope it will not be an issue! But if it is I’ll be here blogging through it!