Shoe lift my spirits!

This week I brought Nick and his new shoes to Archies in Kulpmont PA to get a lift put on. The last lift we got him was well over $100 and falling apart! We also waited over 2 weeks for it to be ready! This life will be between $15 and $17 and ready by the end of the week. It was a little far to get to but so worth it!

The shoe maker also said that he could make the lift better! Seeing Nick walking in his old one he knew right away what he needed to do. He was so kind and quick. I don’t know if they take mail orders but it could be worth it to find out. Years ago they did a lift for Nick, he was maybe 2 and post first fixator. It was great but we kind of forgot about the place. We’d had a wonderful and inexpensive shoemaker in Sunbury PA who was just gone one day. That was a very sad discovery. Nick still asks about him!

Now we wait for it to be ready. We might just get Nick an 2nd pair of shoes for the first time in a long time!