One strung up knee

Nicholas and I had quite an adventure getting to the RIAO yesterday! I won’t even go into details on our crazy long ride and then a bit of a long wait when we got there. All told we left home at noon and saw Dr. Standard after 7pm. But we really don’t care about that. All that matters is that Nick’s knee is great. Dr. Standard at one point, told Nicholas that he had strung up his knee and then he played it like a guitar. Nick and Dr. S have such a great rapport.

The strung up knee works. Nicholas is feeling great. It is still a little loose but as Nick grows it will tighten itself. That sounds like some magic stringing if you ask me.

Since Nick turned 8 a few weeks ago I could not help but think back to the first time we were at the RIAO with our new little baby. I always want to thank everyone there for everything but never seem to get to or at least not enough. I can not imagine going through this with another doctor or team. Eight years later I can say that I have no regrets regarding the course we chose for Nicholas.

With another surgery done I could not help but ask about what’s next. As crazy as it sounds Nick could be ready for another lengthening in as little as a year. I am hoping we can push that to two years but his discrepancy is already 6cm again which is about what it was before the last surgery I think.

On the plus side it seems that Nick’s ankle won’t need more work. It is holding up great. Dr. S will adjust Nick’s heel though. Right now it is kind of high and does not really function as it should, making his foot hurt in the middle sometimes when he has been walking a lot. Dr.Standard also talked about some other options like using an internal rod for lengthening the femur! I really did not want femur lengthening to be on the horizon for Nick but internal is a whole other thing. Worthy of it’s own post one of these days.

Nick also told me that he does not want the surgery that will make him shorter. He said he would rather have his fixator on longer because he can take it. I told him that that would be between him and Dr. Standard. I wonder if once he is in a fixator again he will reconsider. Who knows! For now things are just fine. Next appointment will be in 6 months although we’ll see the RIAO crowd at Save-A-Limb in October. I’ll post our fundraising link soon. We created a team that we are hoping other FH families will join. Individual pages can be created under the No Fibula No Problem team page. I hope some of you will consider donating or joining our team or coming to the ride! We’ve not missed a Save-A-Limb Ride yet!

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  1. Can they do the internal fixator for his next surgery? I’m curious about all of that!!! I’m sorry I didn’t get to ask about your appt. yesterday! I can’t believe it could be as soon as a year! If anyone can handle it with strength and grace it’s Nick and you and Steven!


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