We’ve been too busy to write. I hate to have to recap but I think it’s worth it in this case. Nick’s post surgery follow up with Dr. Standard went great. His cast was removed and he got a script for a knee brace that would immobilize his knee when needed but also had a dial to adjust the range of motion possible. It was. Relief to know that big blue’s days were numbered but we would have to go to a prosthetics and orthotics place which would have to order the brace so it could be a while.

Fortunately that was not the case. The RIAO called Maryland Prosthetics and although they said we’d have to wait they could see Nick that day. When we got there we actually did not have to wait and we had a great surprise. Apparently a brace had been ordered for Nick before his surgery and the gentleman man at Maryland prosthetics had it delivered to his home the Saturday after Nicks surgery so that he could bring I t tows at Sinai. Since Nick got big blue that was cancelled but they still had that brace so Nick got same day service! This was so wonderful. I swear I almost cried. That giant cast was no fun for Nick and with the brace he would be able to go in the pool and take it off when relaxing. The people at Maryland Prosthetics were exceedingly kind and I know we’ll be going there for any needs in the future. I might not have their name right but I’ll correct that later if needed.

I’d like to report that it’s all been sunshine and rainbows since then but that’s not exactly true. Nick’s not loved the brace. On the hot days it’s been pretty hard to get him to keep it on. That’s the problem with something removable. At the start it bothered his stitches some and after a while it just seemed to bother him. Nick is supposed to wear it when he sleeps but his dad told him a few days ago that he did not have to. I could not believe it. I always follow Dr.Standards instructions and was so mad at Steven. Nick had an appointment scheduled for the 25th of July that we had to cancel because we were in NY, Steven had to go to Delaware for work and I did not feel well enough to drive from NY to MD with 5 kids on my own. So I think Steven was thinking that by now Dr. S would have let him wear it less but really I don’t like to assume anything and I will be very upset if anything is amiss with Nick’s knee because Steven thought he knew better. We’re going to MD next week so we’ll know soon enough. There’s more to share but I’ve got a cranky one year old to tend to.