Brother and Sisterly Love

“I stand behind you and keep you safe”. Thats what Chris said to Nick while they were dancing watching High School Musical. Charlotte’s movie pick but they all enjoyed it. Even the baby was dancing!

I guess then it would be totally redundant to say that Nick is doing well. We came home from the hospital Saturday evening. Steven really wanted to come home. He did not see the point in getting settled in the HP house and then leaving in the morning. Nick was doing really well at the hospital anyway. Mary from physical therapy came and Nick amazed everyone.

On the way home we stopped to buy Donkey Kong Country Returns and got ice cream. Nick slept for about 90% of the drive. Getting home was great. The baby screamed when she saw him. I thought she would want me but she was so happy to see Nick. Charlotte was upset that we came home early because she was having fun with her Aunt Tara. Charlotte is normally the most attached child and she did not even want us back. I know there are many families who have more than one child and worry about the impact fh will have on sibiling’s. If your kids are anything like mine they will be fine and even enriched but the experience. Watching Charlotte and Chris offering to help Nick is so sweet (like Chris just now running to get the ‘pee thing’ for Nick). Hearing them talk about how much they missed each other it too much! We were only gone for one night but It did feel like longer to me too.

Aside form a really bad instance of muscle spasms Saturday night things are going really well. I had to call the RIAO at 2am because we did not have Valium which would have helped. Dr. Rishi said to give Nick Ibuprofen and I decided to give him a banana as well. Sunday we had a prescription for Valium called in and we gave it to him at bed time last night just in case. When Renee from the RIAO called today to check on Nick, Steven answered and let her know that he was doing laps around the couch with his walker. Actions really do speak louder than words!

We have also lowered his Roxicet dose and increased the time between doses. So far so good. We can’t assume things will continue going this well but we’re hopeful.

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