Your last pain medication was given at:

Nick had a great night but we are nearing the moment of truth. Nick’s epidural is not giving him 1/2 the meds it was before and he was given a dose of roxicet. I was told the dose was based on his weight but I am thinking it is also based on the fact that he still has the epidural because the dose is lower than what we were giving him 2 years ago. He certainly weighed less then.

Can you tell that this part stresses me? Last time Nicholas was here he had some horrifying breakthrough pain because a nurse decided that following the doctors orders was less important than her own assessment of my boy’s pain. Never mind the fact that he was SCREAMING. He was 5 years old and a great communicator. I had helped him understand the difference between being scared and in pain and he was able to differentiate just fine.

I did receive a call from an administrator asking that I explain what had happened. It was one of those moments when you think oh that was weeks ago I can’t possibly remember it all and then it all comes pouring out in vivid detail. The vivid detail is still there and so is the nurse. I have not seen her but I just hope she’s not the one taking over for this next shift. I told the administrator at the time that I hoped she could receive better training on how to handle children’s pain, how to listen better to parents and follow doctors orders.

So now you see why I am on edge. Watching Nicholas closely to be sure his pain does not get out of control. He just did a big twitch and said he could feel his leg a little. So far so good but I am ready to advocate for him and make sure he gets what he needs.

Update: Chatted with Rishi a fabulous RIAO fellow about the pain meds and he agreed that Nick’s dose could be higher if he needs it to be and he changed it in the computer and on the rx for us to fill before we go home. I do find it funny that when I inquired a bit with the nurse about it she told Nicholas that it is not possible to be pain free (doc’s say this too). I am thinking they’re wrong. If he can be pain free with a prefectly safe dose of meds thats what he’s going to be because that’s how we’ve done it in the past! So far he is still pain free. 11am will be the end of the epidural and hopefully time for the play room. Nick is tired but hoping to catch his fav show Bakugan, then go to the play room, play at the HP house when he is discharged and I am not sure what else is on his agenda for today. I am sure he does not know either but one thing we both know is that he is the boss.

And one last update… apparently this is surgery number 7 not 6!

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  1. Is it really? wow, 7! He comes through them with such poise, you lose track. Glad to hear he’s getting what he needs. We’ll see you guys in a few weeks, til then keep giving him hugs from us!!


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