Super Knee in Progress!

Nick is in surgery right now with Dr. Standard! He’s got a very kind nurse Harriet who he has had before and a fellow named Jen (the other Jen from the chats!) who will be leaving soon to go to San Diego. I don’t know everyone else’s name but it felt like a great team to me. Nick was so very calm! I was too just until I walked out of the operating room. Jen walked me out and was very kind. That moment does not really get easier even though this is surgery number 6. Dr. Standard explained what he would/could be doing during the surgery. He makes it seem so simple but I know it is not. Even on these stressful days I feel so grateful that he is Nick’s doctor! I am grateful as well for the wireless internet service that allows me to be distracted and to send updates to friends and family. If your reading this now some thoughts and prayers for successful surgery and recovery would be appreciated!

It seems there has been some construction since we were last here. The waiting area is a different and there were private pre-op rooms. It felt luxurious! Nicholas was thrilled to get to watch cartoon network for a while and he is looking forward to it in his hospital room.

On the crummy side I forgot my purse with my wallet and phone and lipstick!!! No lack of lipstick is not the end of the world but it helps me to look alive on little sleep which is what I’ve had and will likely have tonight. Plus I am a little sad that today is Elizabeth Eileen’s 1st birthday and we wont get to spend it with her. Yes I realize that she is a baby and does not know but I know.

One final note for now… the t-shirts are done! Sale details will be coming soon. They look great!!!