Super Blue Cast

Nick is enjoying cable tv, sushi, ginger ale and all the attention he can stand from mom and dad! He is feeling good. Has a sore throat but his leg is feeling fine and he is in a big blue cast which was unexpected but just fine. Apparently in the case of Nick’s knee being immobile for a little while is ok. His surgery went really well. An epidural is currently keeping him pain free. If the does well on oral pain meds tomorrow we may be able to leave! Nicholas will not want to go until he gets to play in the playroom.

Dr. Standard came out and explained all of it and if I had a better memory I would tell you but the important part is that he was able to do small incisions as opposed to a large one and if the cast comes off in 2 weeks as planned Nick will be swimming in no time! His knee is still a little loose and that is why he’s got the cast for now. If Nick becomes super athletic down the road he could need more work done on his knee as an adult but so far sports are just not his thing so I am not going to worry about that.

Steven and I also got to chat with super nurse Lee and give her, Dr. S and Jen (the fellow) No Fibula No Problem t-shirts. I wish I had brought enough to give one to every person who has care for Nicholas.

As I type this Nick is engrossed in Penguins of Madagascar and waiting for his pepperoni pizza to arrive! He has already eaten 12 pieces of a california roll! His nurse Donna said “Wow sushi, thats zero to sixty alright”. Thats our boy! I am hoping he continues to feel well and heal well. I would be so grateful for that. Time for coffee and maybe a cuddle if Nick does not mind sharing his bed with me. I hope I can fit next to the big blue cast.