Nick Can Kick

Sounds obvious enough Nick can kick but I kinda thought he couldn’t. At night before bed Nick and I like to have chats and this is the time where he really seems to open up and tell me whats going on in his life. Some nights if he wont go right to sleep I am smart enough to ask him if there is anything on his mind and on a given night what was on Nick’s mind was kick ball.

Apparently it is a game commonly played during recess at his school and Nick told me that the kids would not let him play because his is no good at it. I said that was mean of them and he said “No Mom it’s true”. This was the catch my breath, stay calm, moment where I wanted to cry. We talked some more about why it is hard for him. Balancing on his left leg and kicking with his right with the lift on it is just hard. Nick has never expressed much interest in sports and Steven and I not being sporty ourselves we didn’t give it a whole lot of thought. At the start of the school year during my lunch duty I introduced myself to the PE teacher and he told me that Nick was doing great and tired everything no matter what. So I really thought he was ok.

Until this kick ball business. I spoke to my very dear minister Ann about this and she suggested having Nick kick around a ball with a gal from our church. She’s one of those fabulously kind, compassionate, smart and seriously athletic teens you need in such a situation. I hope you have one when you need one.

Well we met up with said gal this weekend and it was great. She played with all the kids and they all had a great time. Nick really could kick already. She gave him some direction and what was really great was that I think she helped him with confidence and more than anything seeing how fun it could be. This gal happens to be part of an athletic type family, so different from out type and it really was fun to talk to her about her family. She had me thinking we Curley’s need to get out an play ball more!  She also made me hope that when my kids are teens they, like her, still want to be with us!!! Have you even heard a 15 year old girl talk about how she wishes she had more free time to hang out with her family? How running around gets in the way of that kind of free time and she misses it. On a side note she is also one of the best speakers we have at our church! I think she is in the top 3 in my opinion.

I am so grateful that there are folks there when you need help. Thats the beauty of community. This is something I could not give Nick. Even though I likely can kick too it’s just not my thing but like I said I’ll have to try because the kids had so much fun! Really the kind of giggling good time you just want to join in on and were I not wearing my little ballet flats and holding the baby I just might have joined in. Maybe.

One thought on “Nick Can Kick”

  1. Hi Jennifer.
    I have a 8-months-old girl who has FH.
    I have been reading all your blogs religously. And I must say nothing has had such a strong affect on me with this regard.
    Your blogs have given me hope and strength.
    I hope I could be as strong as you’re and as accepting/wise as you are.
    You and Nicholas are our hero.
    God bless you and your kids.


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