Some doctors would not know a functional foot if it kicked them in the face.

I wrote that blog title in a post on the facebook fibular hemimelia and limb lengthening awareness page and I saw it again today and smiled.

It is just too true. It makes me so mad when I can give a parent more information than an a doctor can! Seriously they are so quick to declare a foot “nonfunctional”, to say it wont be able to bear weight, when a simple googling could show them lots of kids with smaller feet due to fibular hemimelia walk just fine!!!

I can not imagine how many parents have chosen amputation for their child because of lack of knowledge, misinformation and general close mindedness on the part of doctors. Makes me sad and mad and kinda want to ask Nicholas to kick some sense into those docs.

One thought on “Some doctors would not know a functional foot if it kicked them in the face.”

  1. I too was told that my son would never be able to walk let alone use his foot but as a new parent I could not contemplate to amputate any part of my baby. That was 10 years ago, I’m glad I didn’t my son can walk, run, jump, climb pretty much everything a boy can do. We have come a long way. He has had a few surgeries along the way but my son is a brave and strong.


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