Palatal Expansion or a tiny fixator in Nick’s mouth

Nicholas is only 7 years old and yet his dentist had been telling me for the last  few years that he needed an orthodontic consultation. I took him to said consultation on Tuesday. Apparently an evaluation for early treatment needs to be done by age 7 at the latest! It was also free. I was worried it was one of those ‘it’s free till you walk in the door kind of deals’ but it really was free. No matter really since they will have our money soon enough.

You can read about the advantages of early treatment on Dr. Wilson’s web site:

Nicholas has a couple things going on and will start what is really orthopedic treatment in about six months. This phase will last sixteen months. He’ll have a Herbst appliance, which is used in place of headgear. It corrects the bite and jaw issues. In addition to that he will have a palatal expansion appliance which is what will make room for all his beautiful teeth.  We will have to use  a little tool to turn it each day. It sounds sort of like having a little fixator in Nick’s mouth.  As part of this phase he will also have braces on the 4 front top and bottom teeth.

Once all his teeth are in he will have braces put on to do the final adjustments. It sounds like a lot and it is but it really is a better option. I have a whole paper that explains all that is going on in Nick’s case but it is a but much to type.

Dr. Wilson actually said that Nicholas is mature enough to start treatment now but that he would like to wait till a few more adult teeth come in. Not surprising that he thinks Nicholas is ready now. After having leg lengthening this will seem pretty easy. I hope!

The orthodontist asked Nicholas if he had any questions and Nick asked if it will hurt. Dr. Wilson said that when the braces are first on it will hurt a little but that he will have a beautiful smile after it’s all done. Nicholas responded “Actually my Mom tells me all the time that I already have a beautiful smile”. To which Dr. Wilson agreed. It really was a great moment and it is true. Nicholas is gorgeous as is! He was so cute in the office. I had the baby with me as well and he told Dr. Wilson “I think you should know that my sister has her first tooth”. It was so funny. He was so serious.

Another good thing about this early treatment is that the first phase should be done before his next leg lengthening starts. It should also be done before Charlotte’s treatment starts because we know already that she will have to have early treatment as well.

Might be time to start looking for a job and give up my dreams of a honeymoon.

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