“Because I have fibular hemimelia.”

Nicholas got a splinter yesterday. Usually not a big deal but it was impossible to get out! I am usually the person who takes on splinters in our house but Steven ended up doing this one after my failed efforts. I was upstairs nursing the baby and heard it happening. I really wanted to go down but the baby is sick so I thought I’d better just let her nurse. When Nicholas came up splinter free he was so happy. He actually said “I can be brave for these small surgeries because I’ve had big surgeries.” He was so proud of himself and I am so proud of him.

Last week Nicholas’ left shoe sort of exploded. Now that our favorite shoe doctor closed we have to take it to a busier, pricier place and it takes so much longer. Going without the lift is ok for a little while but it must get annoying. One morning while getting ready for school Nicholas said “I just wish my legs were the same”. I started to respond by saying “I know it’s not always easy to have fibular…” he interrupted and said “I wish Bess (baby sis) had fibular hemimelia like me”. I asked why and he said “so I would not be the only one”. Good god there is no easy way to respond to these things. Nicholas has a better attitude and outlook than most people I know so I try to just let him feel what he is feeling when he gets a little down. We talked some about being original and how everyone has issues etc.  I should have showed him the fibular hemimelia group on facebook so he could see just how not alone he is. I’ll have to do that.

On a fun note I like going on ancestry.com and have traced some of my family back to the 1700’s! Nicholas has gotten interested in it too and he asked me to look him up and we found lot’s of Nicholas Curley’s. So he says “But I’m the famous Nicholas Curley”… and I had to ask “why’s that” and his answer “Because I have fibular hemimelia.”

So one moment he is down about it. Another he is famous for it. Fibular hemimelia can be a bit of a roller coaster ride. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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  1. He never ceases to amaze me! I wouldn’t be surprised if he became the famous Nicholas Curley, he’s sure to do incredible things!!


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