Good News Knee

On Monday Steven, Nicholas and Charlotte traveled to Baltimore for Nicks visit with Dr. Standard. I stayed home for 2 reasons… Baby Elizabeth Eileen is MISERABLE in the car and Christopher is having some serious success potty training and I figured a few hour in the car would not be helpful. So I had to wait by the phone for the news that….

Nicholas’ knee has improved on it’s own. In about 3 months he will go back to Dr. Standard and schedule a much simpler knee surgery than we had been planning on. Only one night in the hospital as opposed to 4! Small incisions as opposed to a large one!! And the eight plate will come out at the same time. One less surgery altogether as well! Really really amazing news. I am now praying that it stays this way but I will try to just be happy.

I almost had not realized that he had not complained about knee pain in a long time. When things are going good it is easy not to notice. Really we are all just so happy. Surgery is surgery and kinda stinks but really this is so much less scary to me now. So much easier to plan for the other kids too. Being away for days with a nursing baby is next to impossible and we need to be able to focus on Nicholas while we are there.

As much as I was a little sad to have to stay home… I was overjoyed at the news. Maybe I should stay home more often  : )

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  1. Great news! I’m new around here-we have a 10 month old with a recent diagnosis–so the journey is just beginning for us. How did you chose Dr. Standard? We are in CT with our local orthopod who says he can handle it–he does 2 limb lengthenings a week. We have talked with Dr. Paley in Florida, and will likely consult with him this spring (my mom spends a few months a year down there). We think our baby will need a super ankle and two lengthenings–we are most concerned about the super ankle.


  2. Hi Martha, We chose Dr. S and Sinai probably initially because of the fact that I think they have the most experience maybe in the world with dealing with FH and we stay there because Dr. Standard is an amazing doctor but also a wonderful person. Nicholas has a wonderful relationship with him. When I asked Nicholas why we go to Dr. S he said “I likes to tell him about Backugan (nicks favorite toy) and he likes to hear about things and he’ll be my doctor forever or he’ll be a friend of mine forever. well he’s already been my friend forever. He also has a couple kids of his own and I like it when they have kids of their own because then they know how to be gentle with me and. He has good assistants and he likes me a lot.”

    There you have it : ) I wish you all the best in making choices for your son and enjoying him! Dr. Standard does web chats. You can request the join the chat via RIAO website, and click Chat with a doctor. He answers any questions you have. It is also a chance to connect with other parents and I always learn from other peoples questions!


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