No Fibula, No Problem

On the limb differences chat at the moment and someone was looking for something to put on a t-shirt to fundraise for fh and it hit me ‘No Fibula, No Problem’. That’s the reality for Nicholas. He has no fibula on the right side and ok I guess it is a problem in that it requires treatment but he is still living and loving life without it.

First grade is awesome so far. Nicholas loves his teacher and his principal even told me tonight how impressed she is with how his leg is doing. He also stops to chat with her in the hall way. Not sure how many kids do that.

Nicholas has had some pain behind his knee but Dr. S has suggested we do some stretches at night. So I am not really worried about it so long as it stops. Otherwise we will be on our way back to Baltimore. We wont be going back till October unless something happens or this knee business continues.

Some seriously sad news… our local shoe hospital has closed it’s doors. This was an old fashion shoe guy who also happened to sell roasted peanuts but the important part was his lifts were awesome and cheap. Now we are paying over $100 for one shoe!!! Thank goodness Nicholas his happy with one pair.

I have not been on the fh support site or the fh Facebook group as much as I would like but school starting has made life so busy and the days go even faster than ever. I am going to put it on my calendar as a reminder to check the groups. Being there for others is so important to me. As a mom it means so much me to be able to use our experience in service to families new to this world of fh. The chats are just one awesome way to do it and of course asking questions real-time is great but the parent interaction and support is wonderful. And I love reading about the kids who are having surgery and doing do well, when I can remember chatting with their parents when they were babies, or receiving emails about newborns with a new diagnosis of fh. When I first came in contact with families with fixators it was life changing. Knowing that we were not alone meant more than I can say. By the way, if your reading this because your child has a diagnosis of fh, you’re not alone either! Come to chats, email, join groups, do whatever you can to get the support and answers you need.