8 plate summer update

I cant believe it has been so long since I have posted but life has been busy here. Baby number 4 is keeping me busy! Nicholas has been doing great! In fact tonight he is at a baseball clinic learning how to play with former pro athletes and having a great time! This summer he has started jumping off the diving board at our local pool and going down the water slide and loving every second of it. All we have to do is get to Hershey Park and go on our Glen Brook vacation and summer will be complete!

We also got great news yesterday in Baltimore! Dr. Standard said that Nick’s super knee surgery can wait another year or so and as you can see from the xrays his 8 plate is doing it’s job quite well!  When Dr. S asked him how his foot and ankle were feeling Nicholas said “great, fantastic”.  I cant think of anything better to write than that!

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