Top Speed Nick – Full Speed Ahead

Nicholas is back to his usual speedy and rather happy self.  He still has his emotional moments but thankfully they are not eight plate related these days. He pretty much recovered as Dr. Standard said he would. Boy do I like that thinks happen as he says they will.

Nicholas will be finishing up kindergarten in the next few weeks. I can not believe how fast it has gone and how much he has learned. I still have had  my worried though. With these crazy hot days Nicholas has started wearing shorts. I  have to say I was worried that the kids might say something about his scars and the fact that his leg is smaller but nothing has happened. And it did not occur to Nicholas that they might (thank goodness I keep these worries to myself… at least till he can read the blog LOL). If only all of life could be that way. Still I am grateful that he has not been teased or anything this year despite his fixator, cast ect. I am so proud of how well he has done in kindergarten and of the boy he has become. His teachers and principle always have the most wonderful things to say about him. His gym teacher actually told me that I am lucky that he is my son and lucky to have him in my family! She is retiring this year and said that she is sad that she will not get to see him grow up. I’ll have to give her the blog address to keep up with him.

Well our next project may just be a video but I’ll post an update on that soon. Eye of the Tiger is one of Nick’s favorites and he has his own moves to go with it. What better way to showcase how unstop-able kids with fh are than a video of my guy!

One thought on “Top Speed Nick – Full Speed Ahead”

  1. Too cute! Can’t wait to see his video!
    Isn’t it funny how our fears for our kids don’t even register on their radar? Sometimes I think innocence is truly our greatest gift, and we only get to appreciate it fully the second time around. Through our kid’s eyes.


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