Wow so much time has gone by since I last wrote. Nicholas is doing great. Some small ups and downs but mostly wonderful. He received his 3rd perfect report card and earned a seal cent (which is sort of like being student of the month at his school). Really we could not be prouder of him.

Today I am going into his school to have lunch with him. He is so excited and I am savoring it since I know one day having me come into his school will not be the hi-light of his week. After I am taking him to get a pre-op physical. Next week Dr. Standard will be putting an eight plate in his knee. It is an outpatient procedure that I have written about before. From what I have heard from other parents it should not keep him down what so ever. I’ll post x-rays and details next week.

Nick will also be having a super knee surgery in the fall. This is big compared to the eight plate but small compared to months in the fixator. Four days in the hospital, six weeks recovery, physical therapy and a whole new experience for us. When we told him it would be coming up he asked if Dr. Standard could make other parts of him super too and when he talks to people about it he often tells then that Dr. Standard will put a monkey on his knee (since he drew one after the last surgery).

We knew the super knee would be in the next 2 years and we are opting for fall because I really want Nicholas to have a fun summer. He is doing so well in school that I would rather have him miss a week or so and still have an awesome summer rather than spend the summer recovering. Plus baby number 4 is coming in June so we really did not want to do surgery and newborn together (been there done that with first fixator).

So life is good and I am appreciating where we’re at right now. Time to go to lunch with my boy!