Day to Day

Day to day life has been good here. We have all gotten use to Nicholas not having the fixator and it seems so far away now. How life changes so quickly! Nicholas went to a bowling party yesterday and because Steven and I were out-of-town, Nicholas’ grandpa took him. I must admit I was so worried about the bowling shoe business. The last time we went to this particular bowling alley I had a really hard time with the people that worked there. I had Steven talk to his Dad and tell him that and to make sure he did not let them upset Nicholas with their confusion. Though I am not sure why it is so confusing to people that one foot is smaller than the other and one shoe needs to be smaller than the other.

I suppose everything went fine because Nicholas had a great time and the only thing he told me about the shoes was that they were slippery.  The amount of letting go it takes to let someone else handle something like that is probably not normal but I can’t help wanting to be there to protect him from some dumb comment or something. He has never really been upset by anyone so far and I just want to protect him for as long as I can. Not being able to be there and protect him is so hard for me. He is in kindergarten all day and it feels like so much of his life is away from us and there is so much he handles on his own. Truthfully he does just fine. He is confident and calm and has none of my anxious qualities. I have to remind my self of this often, that he is not me. I had a lot of anxiety about school in general. I never really like it as a kid, where as Nicholas loves school and is happy to go just about every day. I am so grateful not to have passed anxiety on to him and so grateful to have such a happy easy-going boy. I could never have dealt with having a limb difference they way that he has.

So while life goes on here, life has been crazy and tragic elsewhere. Nicholas doc is down helping earthquake victims and when I told Nicholas that his doc would be helping the people of Haiti he said ‘thats great because he can fix anything and when I grow up I will be his assistant and when he is away I will be in charge because I will be a boy nurse”. Nurse is a new career aspiration and makes me smile just like doctor and construction worker make me smile but lately Nicholas can’t even stand to see fake blood on TV. I am thinking construction may be his thing after all. Still I could tell he was so proud that his doctor is helping people. I think everyone deserves good medical care and I can’t believe the things that have gone on in Haiti. Things people would never die from her in the US and killing so many people and of course I cant help but think that there are limbs that could have been saved with better medical care. They will need so much long-term care due to these amputations. I’ll post a link to Cure International they have been there for people all over the world and no doubt are  helping right now. Please consider giving if you can.