Nicholas’ leg is healed!!!

This is Nicholas taking his first steps with absolutely nothing on his leg for the first time in over eight months

I cant believe it is over but it really is. This month Nicholas slowly began to walk without his cast on. The first time he did it Charlotte held his hand and it was wonderful to see. He thanked her for helping him and told her that he is best little sister in the world. What  a moment! Then on the 21st we went to Baltimore for the official xray and received the wonderful news from Dr. Standard that Nicholas’ leg is healed. Just like that it is over.

Nicholas may need some physical therapy because his walking is a bit off possibly from turning his leg out with the cast and fixator to protect his left leg. But that is still yet to be determined. We need to give him time to adjust and we have to get him a 3cm lift for his shoe. He had a 6cm lengthening and still need a 3cm lift! his legs looked just about even in July so I guess he must have done some serious growing.

At his last appointment he had several questions for Dr. Standard. He wanted to know when he would be taller than me! Dr. Standard told him between the ages of 10 and 11. He also wanted to  know the medical or technical name for the thumb because he knew it was not a phalange like the other fingers. Cant say I remember the answer to that one. Nicholas asked about a poster containing some kind of medical device and he asked why fibular hemimelia makes his leg shorter. Dr. Standard talked about how when a baby begins to form it is a ball of cells and so on all the way to the fact that why is not exactly known.  Nicholas was satisfied with the answers and happy to head out of the office and down to the cafeteria.

I am over the moon grateful that this portion of the process is over but it seems the next step is never very far behind. Nicholas will have to have a knee surgery sometime in the next hear and a half and I really really hope it can wait a while. It will be a completely different experience for us and the unknown is scary to me. There will be a few days in the hospital, 2 different braces and plenty of physical therapy. From what I have heard knee surgery and recovery is pretty painful but when Dr. Standard says it’s time we will be ready.

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  1. We are so excited! Nick looked so good when you guys visited, but you didn’t mention the story about his first steps, I just think it’s the sweetest thing I’ve heard in ages! Give them all kisses for me, I hope we see you guys again soon!


  2. hi!
    I’m italian, and I knew your blog from a forum (bambini speciali – associazione nathan)
    I’m very glad for the good exit of surgery of your son 🙂
    I’ve read all your blog (I know a little bit of english, not too well, you see)
    I have a son, 5 years old, and only at 4 years old we descovered he had a fibular hemimelia… that was terrible to discover it, nobody seen it before!
    “only” 2,5 cm, a year ago, but sure to do the lengthening because the estimate discrepance is 5-6 cm
    he has the fibula, but smaller. the left leg is smaller than the right leg.
    now he has only a special shoe, and he does everything (rugby, too!), but I don’t know how it will be when the discrepancy will be bigger
    our doctor is dr. Maurizio Catagni, in Lecco, he use the Ilizarov method, and he’s VERY VERY good doctor, I like him very much
    he say that my son will be operated at 11-12 years old… I always think about it, but to read your words I think will help me
    ciao, a presto


  3. Hi Rebeccah, I am glad you have like my blog and I loved reading about your son! I am so glad you included your doctors name. Sometimes people in other countries contact me asking about other docs outside the US but I really don’t know any. I am just so glad that you have found good care for your son and that he is doing great!
    Best of Luck and Keep in touch!


  4. Nicholas Looks good. My son Cameron Is a year post cast from his lengthening. It took awhile for him to stop walking with his foot off to the side like Nicholas. He is walking heal to tow with a rocker step shoe modification. It will come with a little practice and reminders to turn in his toes. I used to help Cameron walk up and down stairs with holding his foot straight. Got for relearning and muscle tone. Like Nicholas he had his first MCL reconstruction about at 3 years old a year after his first lengthening. We were lucky that when Cameron was born he was born at National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, so Baltimore was 70 miles up the road. After my wife got reassigned we moved to New Mexico so this last lengthening we actually moved to the Hackerman House for 6 months and stayed with him during the whole fixator and 3 months of the cast being on. It was tough, but you know what we do for our kids.
    Anyway, it fun to watch him play Baseball for the first time in 2 years. Running jumping and playing.
    Cameron is 8 and was saying “COOL” to the fact Nicholas is walking. These kids know what each other goes through and have a “brotherhood and sisterhood.”


  5. I am happy to hear about Cameron! Certainly seems like our guys have some stuff in common. I really had not heard from other parents about the foot turning out post lengthening but it has gotten better as time has passed. How was the recovery from the MCL reconstruction?

    It is just always comforting to hear about other kids and to know that there are others out there who understand! Cameron sounds awesome!


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