Apparently the fixator did not effect his school work one bit!

I had Nicholas’ parent teacher conference this week and it was better than I even could have hoped. Nicholas received the highest grade possible in EVERYTHING. Crazy! You would think missing 6 full days and some half days and having the fixator and cast might have an effect on his grades but it did not. His teacher seems really delighted with him. She ever said “he’s the kind of kid you’d like to take home” and “you’ve done a great job raising him”. Really it touched me so much. After 20 or so years of teaching I would not think she would want to take any kids home but she is amazing. I am so grateful that he has her. I had so much anxiety sending him to a new school in the fixator and it has all been fine. She even told me that none of the kids ever complained about the accommodations they had to make for Nicholas. They always had to go in the building last because he took longer and it took the class longer to get anywhere but still there was not one negative thing said about him or to him (so far as we know). I think we do not always give kids enough credit. They are so much more open and accepting than many adults are. Maybe 5 is just a good age. I don’t know. I just hope Nicholas continues to love school and have positive experiences.

After I came home I told him that his teacher said he did great but the best thing she said was that he always tries his best ( in fact she said he is determined). I made sure that he knew that is what is most important and not all the A’s. I am sure every report card wont be perfect and I just don’t want to set him up to feel bad about himself down the road. I would be proud of him no matter what because he has done his best despite some pretty distracting stuff going on. My boy amazes me everyday!