My little parade leader!

Today was a great day. I got to see Nicholas and Charlotte in their school parades and Nicholas was the leader of his! It really was so adorable and so totally awesome to watch him walking. He used the walker even though he really can walk fine without it but he did not mind. His teacher had to tell him to slow down. I kept hearing kids say “hay look it’s Mario” or “did you see Mario” and “I want to see Mario”. I am so glad I ordered their costumes so long ago! Really it was overwhelming to see how well he is doing. I was just so grateful that he had the fixator off even though he could have done it I know it would have been harder or he might have needed the wheelchair. It is just one week after his fixator was removed.

Altogether a great day for the most proud mommy in the world!

Parade Leader Nicholas and his teacher.
Parade Leader Nicholas and his teacher.



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