Big Blue Cast

Big Blue CastFriday night: We are home and Nicholas is in a huge blue cast that goes above his knee. He is resting and playing computer games, which may be our solution to forcing him to take it easy! He is on pain meds for now and a little grumpy. One minute he is thrilled when he remembers that the fixator is off, the next he is mad because we wont let him walk.  The surgery was so quick (eight plate not needed at this time). Taking him back to the operating room was as hard as it always is. Dr. Standard had the great idea to tell him that he could pretend the mask they put on to make him sleepy was a pilot’s mask. So as he was laying on the operating table and he had that moment where he seemed uneasy I talked to him about his jet flying to Brooklyn to go trick or treating with his cousins and that made him happy.  Walking away with him lying on that table is so hard. I really was not worried about Dr. Standard’s part of the surgery at all. I knew his leg would be fine but I always worry about the anesthesia. Even though this was his 5th surgery I still worry the  same way.

It really is such a relief to have the frame off and yet I find myself on the edge of tears. I think it is the stress of the whole thing coming out. I also feel like I got hit by a truck. My whole body is exhausted.

Thinking about Nicholas spending a month in that giant cast is daunting. I really can’t lift him now and that will make it so much harder. Plus we have too many stairs in this house!

Today:  Nicholas is in school and insisted on going back on Monday. In fact he was mad on Saturday not to get to go to school even though we explained that no one was at school. He is doing really well in the cast, walking with the walker for the most part. Some scooting and sometimes he walks by himself when he does not realize he is doing it. We sent him to school with the wheelchair in case he needed it.  I don’t think he needs it but we shall see. His teacher has been amazing through all of this and I feel like she really looks out for him and really I am only upset to leave him at school the moment I have to walk away. Not sure why I am still sad to leave him there. I prefer Steven to take him to school to avoid the feeling all together.