This time tomorrow…

This time tomorrow we will be home from Baltimore and fixator free. I just went up to say goodnight to Nicholas and I said to his fixator “goodbye hunk of metal” and then he hugged his fixator and said “goodbye hunky, yes lets call it hunky.” At which point he decided to speak for his fixator and said “goodbye tomorrow I will go to another kid after all the blood is washed off me.” No fear of blood and such here. He is so excited. I am anxious but really what could I expect.

I have been worried because Nicholas’s foot has been bothering him more. Dr. Standard thinks it could be the knock knee that is creating the foot pain but he really is not sure. Hopefully things will be clear in surgery. Being in the cast might be a good break for his foot and we will actually really have to make Nicholas take it easy. This will be a challenge to say the least.

So my next post will be post fixator.