Live Web Chat with Dr. Standard of the RIAO updated

I have participated in many chats and have found them to be so informative. Dr. Standard has answered many questions and the moms in the background have shared so much from advice to experiences and even laughs! So spread the word. Who knows who you might help : )

Please email Lee for more info:

The next online LIMB LENGTHENING chat will be next week on Thursday October 22.

Date : Thursday October 22
Time: 9:15 PM EDT (Note that this is the time zone for Baltimore, MD or Washington, DC)
Temporary password: lldtest
Day of chat password must be requested by email
If you participated in the August or September chats, we are using that password so you don’t need to request it, but please email Lee so that she can have a good head count.

Now, some exciting news – the following week on Thursday October 29, we will be doing the first ever ACHONDROPLASIA chat (and other types of skeletal dysplasias such as pesuedo achondroplasia, hypchondroplasia etc as well). The time and location for that are the same as the LLD chat. If you know of any families with this type of diagnosis, please let them know about this chat. This is not a lengthening chat. Dr. Standard will answer the questions presented as he does with the other chats. The chat will likely explore the treatments that children may need to treat the various aspects of achondroplasia. Having families on the chat who have been there is very helpful for those who are new to this diagnosis. There are things only a parent can know and understand : )