Counting down days still fixator removal!

Nicholas was a little down tonight about having to do leg wash and pin care. He thinks everyone else is off having a good time while he is stuck in the tub. So tonight I began the countdown. I told him that he has 13 days left in his fixator and that certainly changed his mood! On October 24th it will be 7 months ago that he had his surgery. I can so clearly remember the smell the sinai chili and Starbucks coffee. I can also picture him just after surgery, groggy but not in pain. I remember the face of the nurse who was talking care of him and even saw her in the cafeteria the last time we ate there. She remembered Nicholas and seemed so pleased to see how well he was doing. Those nurses must see a lot of patients in 6 months time but she remembered Nicholas. I remember a lot of nurses.

So now we wait and we countdown till we celebrate. We planned on having a fixator removal party but now I am thinking we will wait till the cast is off and have a “Great Growing Nicholas party.” He has worked so hard and come so far. I confess the party has started in my heart already. Everyday I feel joy thinking of how well he has done, through all of this and I feel grateful that I get to be his mom and he gets to live his life standing on his own two feet. Every hard moment (there were plenty), frustrated mommy moment (and there were plenty), every physical therapy session, every leg wash and pin care and every single trip to Baltimore is reason to celebrate because without all of it he would not have his leg.

4 thoughts on “Counting down days still fixator removal!”

  1. A party sounds great. I love reading your posts.
    My son had his fixator taken off in August, then
    had cast on for a month, and now has a ROM
    leg brace on.


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