A joy and a concern…

With Nicholas in kindergarten there is little time to post! We are so busy. I must admit that I spend a lot of my day worrying about him. I worry that he will get hurt at recess or just fall in the hall. Of course none of these things have happened and he loves school but I still worry when he is away from me. And then I take him to the playground and see him at the top of a really high play set and I ask how the heck did you get up there? His response was “mom I climbed the rock wall” (the rock wall was about 8 feet high!! I would have stopped him if I had seen him but I was chasing his 22 month old brother at the time). So is he really any safer with me…

Kindergarten is wearing him out. He has said that there is a lot of walking during the day and it makes him tired. Not tired enough to use the walker or the wheelchair. I usually carry him from school to the car at the end of the day. I think the other parents stare more at me for carrying him, than at him for having the fixator. I am sure it is a sight, he is quite tall for his age and I am quite short mine. At 5’2″-ish he says I’m “a little mommy”.

Tomorrow night is the limb differences web chat. I learn so much on these chats because in this world of limb differences and treatment things are constantly changing. On one hand I have learned that they do not do things the same as they did when Nicholas had his first surgery. He had the super ankle and the lengthening at the same time. Now they are done separate because there are better range of motion outcomes for the ankle that way. On the other hand Nicholas will have knee surgery in the next year or two because of an older boy who has a knee just like him and will need a big knee surgery, where as if they had acted sooner it would have been a small surgery like Nicholas will have.

At church this past Sunday, Nicholas has his first religious growth and learning class. At the start he really did not want to attend. When he finally agreed he asked me to tell the kids about his fixator. Before I had the chance it was time to share our joys and concerns. When Nicholas’ turn came he said “I have an external fixator for leg lengthening and well I don’t know if it’s a joy or concern” so I said “maybe it’s both”.  That’s certainly how I feel about it.

3 thoughts on “A joy and a concern…”

  1. I think all kids have that adjustment period when they start kindergarten, I remember Jeremy or Tara saying that Alexis was exhausted when she started full time school, and she didn’t have Nick’s issue, so maybe it’s a normal thing kids go through. I bet he’ll adjust.
    I love reading your blog, you certainly have a way with words and express yourself so eloquently!


  2. You are too kind Sebby and you are right about other kids being wiped out after school. I really am still adjusting to him being in kindergarten. Emotionally he has handled it a million times better than me. He also was so upset to miss school yesterday. I just hope this love of school lasts forever : )


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