4 more weeks (I hope)

Nicholas' new bone healing.  Four more weeks and lord willing the fixator will come off Nicholas.  Or we will at least schedule the surgery date. He and I went to Baltimore on Monday for x-rays and I had hoped to schedule removal but his bone is not fully healed.  It is healing well and just as it should but not ready yet.  Dr. Standard had said it would likely be 7 months in the fixator and it actually has not been 6 yet but I guess we are getting impatient.  Really we should just be grateful that he has done so well!

Dr. Standard measured Nicholas to predict his height at maturity because I asked if he could re-estimate Nicholas total discrepancy.  According to his calculation Nicholas will be 6’3.  It was not a surprise to us really but Dr. Standard and the lovely doc working with him from Canada were surprised.  In the end Nicholas will not be 6’3 because he will have a surgery at about age 10 to staple the growth plate in this left leg.  There is a technical name for this and more to it I am sure but what I know is that it is an outpatient procedure and we can eliminate 5cm of Nick’s discrepancy this way.  That is all I need to know at this point!  5cm means that his final lengthening might only need to be 4cm.  Since his total was supposed to be 20 cm (this was measured when he was just 6 weeks old and Dr.S said that these early measurements tend to be over measurements) and he has 11cm through the last two surgeries then he can make it to 20 with less time in the fixator than I thought.

Nicholas starting kindergarten with the fixator on really worried me but all in all it is going really well.  He is loving school so far but I am still anxious.  He goes to school without the walker or wheelchair and was even able to participate in gym today (oops phys ed is what he calls it).  Yesterday he said his day was perfecto and today he said it was awesome. His school is on one level and the room he is in is the closest to the bathroom and cafeteria so there is not too much walking to do. Going to the playground does require that he take some stairs but he said that his teacher held his hand to help him balance.  Nicholas also said that he had to go to he nurse because he told his teacher that his sock was pressing on his pin site and bothering him and she told him that the nurse is the perfect person to see because she can fix anything.  The nurse folded his sock down and he was happy with that. I am really glad that Nicholas spoke up about it because I was not sure how comfortable he would feel in that situation.

Now I am just hoping that things continue to go well.  Nicholas wants to get school lunch tomorrow but I think he might have a hard time walking with the tray so I think I am going to send a note in or talk to the nurse about it in the morning so that someone can help him.  I am so glad he is in school because he loves it and needs it but it is so hard in some ways.  It is a bigger class than he had last year and it requires that he be more independent, which I don’t think is an issue for him at all but it is an issue for me I guess.  My boy is growing up, so big, so fast.  Even with loosing 2.5 inches of his eventual height, Nicholas will still be just about a foot taller than me someday.  I get the feeling that someday is coming way too soon.

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  1. It seems so fast doesn’t it? I can’t believe how grown up he is. He looked great at the party, really getting around so well! One day we’ll both be craning our head to look up at him!


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