Beautiful Birthday Boy

It has been a tough week.  Nicholas’ pin site infection seemed to be getting better but then a week into his prescription it looked like he was getting another infection in a different pin site. So it was time to up the ante in terms of antibiotics. The troublesome pin sites are on his foot and wont be there much longer.  This week he is getting the lower part of his fixator off.  We will have to go shoe shopping and Nicholas wants to get construction boots!

He also had some kind of blister-ish looking thing on his ear that required a trip to the pediatrician, who told me that he was already on the antibiotic she would suggest for such a thing but we should put a little bacitracin on it three times a day.  But she gave no explanation of what it could be.  I was worried that it was a boil. When I told doctor Standard about it he thought it was something viral and not related to the infection. It does seem to be much better but it really did have me anxious for a bit. Seriously, does the kid need to go through anything else right now!

Ah the kid, my boy, the point of this whole thing.  He turned 6 today (yesterday by the time I post this) and I wonder why it is so bittersweet.  Why can’t it just be sweet? Maybe bittersweet  isn’t even the right word for this, I am about to cry because my baby is growing up feeling.  Maybe it is but I don’t feel bitter at all.  Still I do think having him be in a fixator for this birthday is certainly a reminder of how far he has come, how far we have gone as a family and the road still ahead.

When I was tucking him in tonight we talked about the night he was born. I suspect all kids like to hear their version of this story.  But at the end I told him that I love him even more now because I know his personality.  I told him that I loved his baby self because he was happy and calm and wonderful (really he hardly cried) but now because he is growing up I can really get to know who he is as a person. I told him how much I love his kind, caring, strong, fun, sweet, smart, beautiful personality!

We had a small celebration in the evening and I made him a Thomas the Tank Engine cake.  I am no artist, so although it did look like a bright blue train, it did not look like Thomas.  So I was not surprised when Nicholas looked at it and said “But it doesn’t look like Thomas” and I said “well I did the best I could to make it look like him” and his response came with a big smile  “It’s perfect Mom.”

That’s who he is, my beautiful boy, inside and out!

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Birthday Boy”

  1. Happy Birthday to Nicholas! I hope he is doing better on the antibiotics 🙂 So exciting to hear the bottom part of his fixator is coming off soon!


  2. Thanks Terri, he does seem to be doing better. I didn’t think he seemed “sick” before but today he woke up so smiling and bright and happy that I think he was feeling sick after all.


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