Nick’s Fixator Pix or should I say Taylor Spacial Frame Pix

Nicholas' 6cm of new bone!
Nicholas' 6cm of new bone!

Above is Nicholas’ leg in his Taylor Spacial Frame.  Which is what his fixator is actually called. It really is a impressive device. All we had to do while lengthening was turn struts that are color coordinated and numbered. Nicholas’ frame is pretty dinged up.  Paint is scraped off in places.  Bolts are worn down on the bottom.  All proof of how exceedingly active he is.

You see the lighter colored part near the top, that is success.  That is 6cm of new bone.  Look at it all, happily consolidating!  Thank you Taylor Spacial Frame.  I will now stop calling you a hunk of metal.

Yesterday’s visit to the RIAO was great.  Nicholas will get the portion of his frame that is on his foot and ankle taken off within the next few weeks.  He is excited to be able to wear a shoe on his right foot again but does not want anything to happen before his birthday.  He is planning a pool party ( I am not so sure about that) and he doesn’t want any surgery keeping him out of the water.  He loves it and the chlorinated water is great for his pin sites.  People are always surprised when they hear that he can swim in his fixator. In fact lots of kids with external fixators do aqua therapy. There is not a facility near us, otherwise Nicholas would be doing that for sure.

I did ask Dr.Standard to talk to Nicholas about jumping in his fixator. He asked him to hold back on the jumping for a few more months.  Nicholas told me today that he was embarassed that I told Dr. Standard about him jumping and he thought he was upset with him.  So I told him Dr. Standard is really glad he feels good enough to jump but does not want him to get hurt.

A full length xray was done of Nicholas as well. In it you can see how long and straight his leg really is.  I wont post that though.  Don’t want to embarass my boy again.

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  1. I love your blog! It looks great and you are a beautiful writer! We really enjoyed meeting Nicholas at Sinai. I’m sure at some point we’ll run into you guys again. I’m glad that Nicholas is doing so well. I continue to be amazed by Dr. Standard and how he is so confident in what he does and he does it so well. He’s amazing and we are so glad we found him!


  2. Love your blog! It looks great, and I’m so glad you’re getting such a response! Don’t you just love ’em, it’s a great way to keep up to date on our daily going on’s! So glad to hear things are progressing so well with Nick! Can’t wait to see you all soon!


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